Paint Provence with Tess

The two beautiful people I have the honour to paint with this week. Lee Isbell and her daughter Melissa Black are on my September trip. They arrived the day that everyone bar my sister Charlie left  so quite a quick change over! And such lovely people for the change over. On Sunday we practised colour mixing and stayed inside away from the Mistral.

IMG_6742 2


I took them for a walk in Paradise, I am not sure why I don’t take people to paint there.


The week is already moving so fast. On Monday we went to Tourtour and were blown away by the wind but eventually found a sheltered place to paint. I have to get the photos from my phone of their paintings.

On Tuesday of course we went to the Market and painted at home.

Wonderful artists both!


Lee found me through my dear friend Kristi Espinasse’s blog French word a Day so we went to La Ciotat and had lunch with Kristi and Jean-Marc and left sadly saying good bye. Lee has been following Kristi from the begining so it was lovely bringing them together again and for Melissa to meet them. So after a glorious lunch we went to paint the sea. Melissa delighted by what she saw (avid wind surfer) thought we found the perfect spot to paint.  I will add photos of their art work tomorrow.


Today we went to the studio and my friend Eliza came along and great magic was great. What a lot of wonderful jugs!

After a hard days work I thought it only fitting that I should cook them a lovely dinner.


Roasted sweet potato with thai basil and garlic. Salmon cooked mi-cuit in dill, fennel, lime and rose peppercorns. Leeks and spinnach with a touch of thyme. Sublime!


  1. metreat

    We just met Lee & Melissa at lunch in Roussillon. They are still glowing about your wonderful week of watercolor painting. We will look at your website when we return to Vermont and consider when we might be able to return to Provence learn from you.


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