From hot,hot,hot to cool, cool, cool.

How our weather here is changing! in the course of just three weeks we have gone from 40 to 16 centigrade just like that! Much better though than being ripped apart by hurricanes. My last Paint Provence ended on Saturday and after such a busy time suddenly there was no one, just us and the animals. Quiet but a bit empty.IMG_0488I am in my studio today, putting everything back in it’s place, disorder has been King of my environment for the last few weeks and now it is time for Queen of tidy to do her business!!  The above is an unfinished painting by me of the downstairs front door.

I had such a wonderful time with Melissa and Lee. I think it was the most adventurous Paint Provence that I have run so far. We travelled far and wide and high and low. Off to the alpes and off to the sea. There was no stopping us. I wanted to take Melissa and Lee to a circle of enchanted oak trees only 1200 years old. I took the wrong road and was told by a friendly woman that the trees had all been chopped down to make way for new buildings, gutted and feeling quite sick by this barbaric act I drove us into Vence where we had a yummy lunch! Feeling much better I drove to the Col de Vence where we painted in the bitter wind.IMG_0458.jpg

Melissa’s and Lee’s lively paintings.

I then decided to take them both the long way home and of course found the trees, just in a different place.


The tale has it that the trees are inhabited by the spirits of the Druids, though the Druids seem to have been long dead before the trees were planted. Who knows, a little more research might be required here!

IMG_0487Unfinished painting of the Church at Tourtour.

I am just getting back into my deskwork and dates for future Paint Provence weeks and weekend courses so I will let you know very soon when they are.


  1. Charlie

    Ohh how lovely. So glad you found your trees!.
    Yes that quite empty feeling when ever one goes, don’t like that much. Hope the Queen of tidy helped tou through.
    Love you xox


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