Workaway helpers

I don’t know if you have heard of Workaway, I hadn’t. It was Candy my sister who tole me about Workaway when she was here from Australia for my birthday. I was complaining about the amount of work there is to do here, and Candy remeinded me that she had told me about Woofer’s and Workaway’s a while back. I had forgotton, Candy used them on her property to help with her hoards of horses and used them for 10 years.  After all the festivities were over I logged in as a host, and very soon after we had our first enquiry. We have just had the please of sharing our home with two gorgeous Danish girls for two weeks. Laura and Sophie.


They arrived whilst I was in hospital but muddled in anyway, and sadly I couldn’t have them with me in the studio as I was on the sofa most of the time. But and a huge but, they worked very hard in the barn and have worked absolute wonders. A neat and tidy joy to behold! Our part of the exchange was bed and board and I said I would give them some art lessons.  Luckily I was able to do that, and I found that they are both artists already and they painted perfectly beautiful paintings. So Laura and Sophie this post is dedicated to both of you for being so hard working and wonderful to have around. Happy Christmas and hopefully we will see you again one day.

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