Great New Prices 2018 and Good Cheer

Good tidings to all artists and aspiring artists. Great New Prices for 2018 for my Paint Provence with Tess Trips!

The times they are a changing and I am bringing my prices down for 2018, I am changing my trips very slightly to make them more available to more people. I know that times are not necessarily always that easy and I so love these trips I would love all of you to be able to come. So do visit my site to see whats new.

In the meantime, where on earth has 2017 gone? In two days it is the winter Solstice and in 6 days is is Christmas day! Well well. 2017 has been endlessly busy for me and I am very much looking forward to more exciting things to come next year.

It is also the time of year to think more about others who are less fortunate than we are. I am thinking a lot about water and the lack of it. We have had so little rain here and the fires that have ravaged so many countries, California has been hit so hard. I think being extra careful with how we use water and how much of it we use is so important. And I am going to donate to Water Aid this year. I usually give what I can to Save the Children or World Wild Life even if what you give however small, I am sure it all helps.

What feels like a thousand years ago and hundreds of life times. I occasionally worked as a waitress with the head waitress from Sotheby’s private dining room, where I used to chef for the directors. Anyway, the waitess and I (whose name I cannot remember) used to work at huge  hall attached to a Synagogue and run catering after the Bar Mitzvah.

At the end of the evening my employer used to help me load up the car with all the left over food and soft drinks and I used to take it down to the homeless living under the arches at the  Embankment. The first time I went, a few of them hurled rather ugly abuse at me becuase I hadn’t taken any alcohol with me. Little did they know that I was a chef and having worked in kitchens my language was every bit as blue as theirs. So I just hurled abuse back and said I would give all the food to people who wanted it! The ring leader was soon told to be quiet by the others and a boot full of yummy food was gratefully recieved. Each time I went I was also gratefully received and didn’t runaway the moment I delivered but stayed to chat. We are all the same after all.


The weather, although cold is glorious and the light truly brilliant. Walking the dogs is a joy and the morning light on the vines fills me with love.



Wishing you all the most wonderful of holiday seasons however you celebrate it.

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