Eclectic start to 2018, on the Squire side of the family.

To start with a Huge Happy New Year to all of you and a wonderful, healthy and splendid one too.

I have started my New Year almost in a worse state than I ended the last one. On the 25th November I was rushed into hosptial with acute diverticulitis and although now that has calmed down, I managed to be gifted the full blown flu that has been blasting its way around Europe. Then if that wasn’t quite enough I have developed a bad case of  asthmatic bronchitis.  I can’t remember staying in bed for so long, I am into my 7th week now. But having started to feel ever so slightly sorry for myself, I decided to turn it all around and think of all the wonderful, wonderful things and people and family and friends that I have in my life and what a life I have had so far. Really amazing! I am also extrememely lucky, I am in a warm home, a comfy bed, looking through the window to the very start of the almond blossom buds begining their journey outward, bringing the first hope of spring and new life. In just a few weeks the small burgeoning buds will burst into the sweetest smelling nectar.


I have been lying here, not really able to read ot write, but thoughts have been passing through. My sister Ellie Baker wrote a list of splendid things that happened for her in 2017, so I thought I would do the same. Well as much as I possible can with a mind that is jumping all over the place.

In January 2017, I was going through some of my old files and boxes, and came across these amazing costume drawings/paintings by my mum Julia Squire, costume and set designer extra-ordinaire. As my cousin Mick Squire said the last time I saw him, mum was a bit of an undersung hero of her time. In the early fifities her name was on nearly all the top movies of the day both in the UK and in the States. She was a woman in a mans world and at 25 years of age was already at the top of her profession.  I am going to write a blog all about my mum, but just for now I will content myself just a little adulation of a woman with a wonderful intellect and talent.

dad 3

Here she is on the right with my father actor George Baker, I think it was a Royal Variety performance and they were about to meet the Queen. I do have much better photo’s of her and a great one at the 1955 Cannes Film Festival.

My mum came from a pretty clever family to say the least. My Grandfather Sir John Collings Squire, was a writer, poet and conservationist.

Mum was born the last of three brothers, my uncle Raglan Squire a world renowned architect, whose rich red hallway embraced a beautiful pottery vase by Picasso, It was a palin pottery jug, quite large with painted black women dancing naked around it and a cream glazed top.  Uncle Rag said that Picasso almost gave it to him as a throwawy, he only charged him 10 francs!

Then of course there was my Uncle Ant who was a screen writer, director and  As a World War II flying-boat pilot, and afterwards as writer and director with the RAF Film Unit, he was the ideal man to direct the flying sequences in Breaking the Sound Barrier (1952). See more »

The closest uncle to mum in age was Uncle Morris who was a fighter pilot in World War ll and his plane was bombed as it flew over the channel. Uncle Morris was no more.

I shall carry on with my reminiscing tomorrow, I am still stuck to my bed so what better way than to go over the past and think of the wonderful family past and present that I have been gifted with.

So just a few more thanks for January 2017IMG_2151Starting back scetching nudes on a Monday night in Draguignan and meeting a lovely artist, who Karen if you are reading this I would love to see you!

IMG_2105Visiting with one of my dearest friends on the planet, Kristi Espinasse.


Then meeting the beyond delightful dearest friend of Kristi, Barbara Barielle

Who I spent the most wonderful day with in Aix en Provence and felt I had found a dear new friend, she can paint pretty well too.

So thats quite enough from my sick bed today, but I am looking forward to a lot more chatting tomorrow!!!


  1. Jane Carruthers

    Dear Tessa
    My husband is a professional artist and we have our own art gallery in England. I receive Kristin’s emails and when I can, like to browse her archives and click on the links she sends……hence.. here I am…. a newcomer to your blog! I’m so sorry to hear that you have been so unwell and hope that you will soon be much better. Sounds as though you have had a really difficult time but as you say, Spring is on its way and those beautiful blossoms will make us all feel glad to be alive. We’ve had lots of cold spells here in England since November so we too can’t wait for our blossoms. I will look at the videos and your tips on watercolours a bit more in-depth when I have time. Kindest regards Jane


    1. Tessas Painting Trips in Provence

      Dear Jane, how very kind of you to write to me. I am fit as a fiddle now thank you. Our blossom trees have just started blossoming I am going to write a blog tomorrow with some images. I love the spring. I am just making some more videos. Everything takes so much time as I am sure you know!!
      All my best to you too


  2. denise martin

    Get well soon!

    On 5 Jan 2018 12:44 pm, “Tessa’s Painting Trips in Provence” wrote:

    > Tessas Painting Trips in Provence posted: “To start with a Huge Happy New > Year to all of you and a wonderful, healthy and splendid one too. I have > started my New Year almost in a worse state than I ended the last one. On > the 25th November I was rushed into hosptial with acute diverticulitis and > a” >


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