We arrived back from Antigua last year to a garden filled with Spring. My wisteria is finally growing after years of staying small, the lilac was riotous, the iris’s out far too soon, they usually blossom in May and last year because it was unseasonally warm everything was out a good month early. But it was the most wonderful welcome home.


We also came home to a lot of work. We put in a new kitchen/old kitchen downstairs and I painted the ceiling, which took days, and just about everything else I could find to paint. Including a jug full of spring.


So, where am I going with this post. Well, as you know I am off to Antigua at the end of February for a month. I am teaching two trips, March 10th-17th, this week is full and then again March 24th – 31st I have two places left on this trip. If you fancy some warmth and Carribbean sun take a look at my site paint provence with tess.

Again I will be arriving home in April to a beautiful spring here. Very excited about it.

My April trip is already fully booked, which is wonderful news for me. A dear friend that I met in Seattle many moons ago is coming on the trip with her grandaughter. Maggie came to visit me when I was living in Valbonne, she and her friend took a circuitous route to get here.  Misunderstanding my email, they thought I had said that I live near the Nice airport rather than Nice airport. They asked a taxi at Charles de Gaulles to take them to Valbonne, of course he refused. Lots of confusion ensued, they stayed a night in Paris and came down by train. Thank you train. I think this was about 20 years ago and we found each other on Face Book. I have found quite a few dear friends that I haven’t seen for years on Face Book. It is a wonderful thing.

I am taking Paint Provence with Tess to the Camargue from 9th – 16th June, no one has signed up yet so if you want to come and paint the most amazing birds ever and see the wild horses, beautiful sunsets and sunrises, come a long and take advantage of my offer for the next two months 20% off all trips in France.


On this trip we will visit the still intact roman arena in Arles, the extra-ordinary medieval fortress village Aigues Mortes and we may even take a day trip to Saint Remy les Baux.

Then it’s the lavender fields 23rd – 30th June.

It is a beautiful day here in Provence, sunny, clear but pretty chilly. The almond blossom will out soon, I can’t wait. See you soon!


  1. Maggie Kasparek

    We are so excited about our trip to Provence. We will not make that mistake again. Although I am sure Nice Airport is very nice. Much love,
    Maggie & Amanda


  2. Lee isbell

    Ah, so. If I come again for lavender, it is AFTER Beth’s tour. I had mentally juxtaposed the tour dates. I was exploring plane reservations last night for April and messed up on choosing a flight from Paris to Nice. I don’t want to have to change from CDG to Orly. I’d been so careful not to choose that flight, and then there it popped up on the Pay Now page. This just proves my rule … never book Air France on Friday night, as there are no humans to help you until Monday. I bailed out. I’ll try again Monday and hope I’m not forced back to that incorrect itinerary.


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