Lazy Sunday Afternoon

I’ve got no mind to worry, close my eyes and drift away. tra la. A hit for the Small Faces in 1968. That takes me back a bit. Indeed a Sunday is a very good day to be lazy, usually the only day that I allow myself to be lazy. I am still recovering from my illness so being lazy everyday is what the Dr. has ordered.

One of things I think I am always far busy to do is to go through my photographs and chuck all the ones that are either bad, not relevant any more or even doubles. Today I started. I didn’t get far, but I did manage to throw a lot in the fire. Memories burning. Memories returning. I don’t have a child to leave my memories to. I have my nieces and nephews but I don’t want to weigh them down with old photographs. I just want to leave a few that will mean something to them. It is nice being reminded though,  of memories past, of my sister Ellie carrying the picnic basket almost as big as her. Being reminded of the basket that mum always used to take to the shops. The basket is almost as big as Ellie!

Scan 3

Scan 7

Then the first time I went to Oz to visit my sisters Candy and Charlie, Candy took me to Apollo bay and she took me to tea 1 km past Paradise. I remember the rip and I remember Candy and her then husband Robert Drewe taking me to the cleaners playing scrabble. Robert one of Australia’s best writers and Candy an author and editor, well I didn’t stand a chance. Dyslexic and with a minimilistic sort of education were English literature and grammer were left behind at school age 15, I was bound to lose every time, but the madness of it all was that I kept playing only to keep losing!

Scan 2

Scan 1

And then I found these from twenty years ago. The first time I went to the Camargue and met this remarkable woman Helena, so full of wisdom and knowledge. And Kathleen if ou are reading this, there you are too as beautiful as ever!  Twenty years ago is when I started painting my beloved flamingos and I think I have managed to go nearly every year since.

Scan 5

Here is one of my dad with my step ma on their wedding day and there is Patti Hitchock, Hitchock’s daughter, Louie’s best friend. Louie had an awful lot of very famous best friends!

Having seen friends at lunch time, I thought what the hell, shoved most of the photo’s back in the box and closed the lid on the memories for another day.

Here is what I did instead!


I hope you have all enjoyed a lazy Sunday afternoon.


  1. kayhall38

    I didn’t know you are not well! Whatever it is, I hope you are soon well!! Goodness, that photo of you, me and Helena, ——memories, indeed. I hardly recognized myself!! But I definitely remember the trip!! Do miss those days, sometimes – but life keeps on requiring change, change, change ——
    love you lots –


  2. Trevor ZUTSHI

    Thanks for that; I’m so sorry you are still not well! I am grateful that you came to see Trevor off, the funeral went well, I think, Trevor would have enjoyed the Wake. I’m still ploughing my way through the bureaucracy, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. I will get back to Thursday’s, when you are ready…. I certainly need a swift kick up the backside. Today. Was not a good day for me; the drizzle didn’t help as I had planned a day in the garden. Ended up catching up recorded TV and Little Women had me in a weeping heap…have had calls from my kids, so that always helps.Hope David is being a good Nurse. Love to you both. Annexx

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