A few more roses

I thought I would write about almond blossom today, and beautiful blue skies and the warmth of spring days and sitting in wildflower meadows filled with poppies and daisies. Butterflies tempting to compete with the bees for the blossom nectar. If I was an insect I know I would want to drink it. The almond blossom smells so enticing.

But. Maybe thats for another day, today was a wet grey day a good day for painting roses. Todays roses took a few hours each not five minutes or fifteen minutes. I am working towards painting a series of abstracted roses in acrylic. It is going to take me a while to get there though as I can see them in my minds eye but am finding it hard to realise it in the paintings.


I think I am enjoying playing with the watercolours too much.


Paint Provence with Tess



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