Cautious Blossom and Blooming Roses

The blossom seems to be taking forever to come out and I am impatient. The japonica is almost out, the mimosa is well on its way and those little green buds are taking their time. Last year as they flowered we had a frost and the year before. They must have bad memories of frost bite. I was hoping to have that lovely February mix of bright yellow, white and pink, and coral red in a vase for my class today, but sadly no so we went with the roses again.IMG_2962.jpg

Two February’s ago I was teaching a class and part of my course is to get everyone to paint which their opposite hand. My opposite hand is my left and and I rather like the lack of communication between brain command and the hand receiving it. In my case brain to left hand doesn’t seem to work at all but I think my left hand paints quite a pretty picture without brain control. You should try it is is great fun.  Japonica, blossom and mimosa in David’s mum’s jug.

After today’s class I started to paint an oil painting, but kept being pulled away by the roses. So instead I primed my canvas and tomorrow I will try and work out how I am going to start my series of abstracted oil paintings.



And where do I go to from here?

Paint Provence with Tess


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