Caribbean Heaven

This is the little beauty I left behind an almond tree in blossom adorned with snow.


Then I arrived in London to lots of snow and wind and very cold too.  I met with my aunt and my sister and then with a friend to see the Modigliani exhibition at The Tate Modern. It was absolutely wonderful, I was so excited to see so much of his work there. It is well worth a visit. There is so much life and passion coming from his work, rich and warm colours some of the portrait paintings are mesmerising. I am trying to work out how to take them from pintrest and transfer them on to this blog, but I haven’t succeeded  yet. Oh I think I have managed it, not the best quality but gives you an idea of how great he was/is.

From great art and snowy climes here I am in this beautiful and warm country where I am teaching two art workshops. We are staying in this amazing villa with fabulous views. I feel like I have landed in heaven. Below is my morning wake up view!





Tonight I am having friends to dinner and tomorrow I am painting and preparing for the trip and on Tuesday, lucky me I am going to paint at artist Sallie Harker’s Fig Tree Gallery in the rain forest. I will post again very soon.

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