Paradise Found

I am ready, I have made banana and ginger bread to have with pineapple and cream, prawn gumbo and an avocado and papaya salsa. Back to front! I have put flowers in everyone’s rooms, I have fussed about taking smudgy finger prints (my own) off the fridge doors. Sunbathed, swum, jaccuzied if there is such a word, showered and now I am in my Sunday best ready to go and pick my guests up at the airport.


I am over the moon. I haven’t read the news for a few days now and ignorance is bliss for a short time. I have been flying around the Island in a gigantic pick up truck, which is our means of transport for the next month. I had to heighten the seat as far as it could go so I can see over the steering wheel. A local commented at the supermarket ( on the otherside of the Island from the villa I hasten to add)  “You are such a little woman do you know how to drive that truck?” I pointed out to him that I managed to get to the supermarket driving that truck so I thought I probably could manage to drive it some more. He chuckled raised his eyes to the heavens as if to say whatever next and chuckled his merry way into the supermarket.


Yesterday I managed to drive into Saint Johns and then to Jolly Harbour and then to my favourite place on the Island Sallie Harkers Fig Tree Studio surrounded by lush vegetaion and a garden full of tropical flowers it is a great place to sit for hours and paint. My first few paintings left a lot to be desired and then I started to have fun. My fun is featured below.


Sallie and her husband Dasa gave me some of these amazing plants to bring to the villa.


We are already discussing bringing paint Antigua with Tess back here next year. My friend Sarah came round with her sister in law a film director and writer, yesterday for a cuppa and Sabina is sure quite a few of her friends would love to come here and paint. So crossing fingers Antigua can become a yearly painting destination, that would be perfect.


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