What fun we are having!

Here we are enjoying our last day of holiday before our workshop starts. It was Anna our chef and one of my dearest friends birthday yesterday and we started of the celebration with a proper English Breakfast at Admirals Inn in Nelson’s Dockyard.

After a great breakfast we went for a jolly walk around the dockyard and of course some shopping had to be done. Summer dresses, wild shirts and photos of yachts all done with we drove to Pigeon Beach for a swim in the sea.


Not to shabby.

Anna and I left the ladies on the beach to go to the Slip Way to buy me some easy on easy off tape. It has a great view of the Dock Yard from there.

IMG_1315 2

Back home and a lazy day by the pool. I cooked the birthday dinner as a treat for Anna.

Drinks by the pool and an hilarious photo shot, I am not showing you the bad photos.


For dinner we had roasted veggies and filet mignon de porc with crispy basil and cream sauce. Followed by gluten free lemon drizzle cake, cornish vanilla ice cream and red berry coulis. OOh la la.

This morning’s sunrise.


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