Thirty odd years ago there used to be a lot of rain forest on this pretty island now so much of it has been cut down but there are still magical little pockets left. Here we are in Sallie’s garden painting away.


So reminiscent of last year, so peaceful, although I was getting pretty hot running around looking at everyones paintings. Finally I was too hot and told my delightful painters that we were going home. We had so much to carry when we got home, my dear friend Kathleen took a nasty tumble and landed full thwack on her head. Not sure thwack is a word any more, but it sounds good. I think it is most likely a whack to the head. Hey ho I can’t speak or write English any more very well. Time to go back to school!

We popped and or pushed her in to the car and drove carefully over all the bumps and rather obese sleeping policeman whose  job it is in life is to keep children safe from speeding cars and to damage everyones car at the same time.

Stitched up we came home and Kathleen rested whilst the rest of us painted the late afternoon seascape.


Hisako’s beautiful seascape.


Ruth’s beautiful seascape.


Ruth and Hisako.

This morning we critiqued our work from yesterday and saw what we could do to enhance it.



Now we are of to the Dock yard to paint the Pillars at Admirals Inn.

See you later.

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