Ladies who paint

Ladies who paint (Ruth gave us this title) and here we are at Half Moon Bay with Avery. Avery’s wife does the cooking whilst Avery does the flirting and the front of house. Both are very good at what they do!

Avery Half Moon Bay.jpeg


A walk around the bay finding a calm spot to swim before lunch. The colour of the water is so beautiful and soft. The sandy beach feels like silk underfoot a magical experience all in all.

Chinique Half Moon Bay.jpeg

Chinique, our very beautiful and caring waitress.

Admiral’s Inn. Nelson’s Dockyard.


We were sadly without Kathleen who had taken a nasty tumble and had to be careful and stay at home. I am delighted to say she is on the mend and up and about again.

On Wednesday afternoon we went to Coco Bay Resort to paint and were looked after so well by Jon the manager there, we were given delicious fruit punches to help us paint the idyllic scene.


We wandered up to Sheer Rocks cocktail bar and ordered Virgin Colada’s from Jackson who took this great photo of us.


Here is Jackson and the beautiful surrounds.

Followed by a sunset dip and then home for yet another delicious meal cooked by my dear friend Anna.

I am sitting in bed listening to the waves say hello to the shore. To the fronds of the palm tree touching in the morning breeze and the sun rising to another warm and balmy day. I can’t quite believe how lucky I am!

Yesterday morning we painted at home, went for a swim and lunch at Half Moon Bay and then came back to paint Shaheem’s potrait. Sallie Harker drove him over here and gave us all a lesson on how to paint portraits. The last portrait I painted was so long ago I have forgotton how to do it, so I asked Sally to demonstrate. The results were fantastic and I will post them later today.


After painting Shaheem we hurried and got ourselves into the truck to catch the Steel Band and the sunset at Shirley’s Height’s.

Today is our last day and we are going to go through and finish all the unfinished paintings.


More tomorrow, see you then.

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  1. Mary Ann Pappanikou

    What a fantastic time painting with Tess. She is wonderful at guiding and helping all levels of painters. Can’t say enough good things about the whole experience. A caring and loving person, full of good humor and fun times. I might add the food was outstanding as well.


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