Friday evening exhibition

After one of the most wonderful weeks, with some of the most wonderful women it is so hard to say goodbye. Our lovely Ruth left today, we all so enjoyed her sense of humour with perfect timing. All the laughter and fun and sweet gentle teasing. A group of women that could so easily have been friends forever. Thank you all of you for making this week so perfect.

Last night we had an end of the week exhibition with some friends and it was a  joyeous occasion.  Below are some photo’s of our evening.


Ruth who went back to Canada today is standing with her display of colouful and wonderful creations.

A few more of Ruth’s paintings and Ruth at Shirley’s Heights.


Hisako, whose expert water colouring and drawing skills created this painting of the pillars at Admiral’s Inn.



Kathleen and a few of her paitnings on display.

Kathleen’ lively, colourful and delightfully Carribean paintings.


Mary Ann matching scarf and glass in hand.

Mary Ann and her great paintings and her brilliant portrait of Shaheem.

A few more randam photo’s we are off to dinner!

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