It’s not quite all over baby blue

Anna and I have been saying nearly everyday how much we would like to go for a walk in the morning at Half Moon Bay. Yesterday I wasn’t too well so we didn’t go and today feeling right as rain (and that is the operative word) we left in a rainstorm and hoped that maybe it would be over when we got there, but no. Lashing rain pouring down on us, wind whipping around us playing with the sea, we were wet, very wet and of course totally alone on the beach. As the rain soaked us and dripped in puddles from our noses it reminded me of the time that I was with my sister Charlie on Bondi Beach in Australia, it was cold the rain and wind stormy, the waves surging on the beach and still we went in. As we walked bedraggled towards the car we heard a very English voice shout. “It must be the Baker girls” I knew the voice instantly, David Convill who used to run the Open Air Theatre in Regents Park and his wife were also walking on Bondi. We couldn’t believe our ears, we asked how he could possibly know it was us and he said “No one but the Baker girls would be mad enough to go into the sea on a day like this” I guess I must still be crazy, Anna and I sang and danced to singing in the rain as we made our way up the beach.


Our last trip ended on Sunday and we said a said goodbye to our lovely guests and then it was time to turn ourselves into tourists and go off in the pick up around the island. We had such a great time. Anna went hiking with Dassa, Sallie Harker’s husband and a group of 7 others. Anna is the one smiling away on the far left.


Whilst I paintined away under the shade of the tropical leaves.


Sallie and Dassa’s garden was full of tropical flowers that day. Including me!

We went to have lunch at Darkwood Beach, we treated ourselves to lobster which sadly to say was over cooked and chewy but really that didn’t matter to us, just looking at the colour of the sea which was surreal.


Our next trip starts tomorrow and I am sure I will do more posts soon. If you want to book for next March in Antigua it might be an idea to do so soon as there is a lot of interest. Just go to my Antigua Page see you soon.


  1. Trish Lacefield

    Tessa, it looks like you’re having a wonderful time! It makes me happy to see everyone’s happy faces there with you. Beautiful place. I took a screenshot of the last photo in your post. I think Bill and I might just be able to paint that! We both sat on the loveseat last night and watched your video on doing a simple seascape with washes. We can wash now. 🙂 We watched you lift blue sky away, so we can make clouds, too. Done and done! Grey undersides might be a bit tricky for us at the moment. We’ll just have to plunge ahead and see what happens. 🙂


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