Our house in the middle of the field.

Our house entourer or envelopper but almond trees. When I think of entourer in french I always think of being wrapped in love, and one of the translations for entourer is evelopper. Enveloped. Our house which is a house built in love is also surrounded, envelopped or wrapped in love. The almond blossom is not fully out and the mimosa is coming along nicely thank you. I just really wanted to feel the essence of the blossom and the early days of spring in the Var before leaving for Antigua. You see it will be so different when I come home. It will be tulips and daffodils, wild asparagus, pansies. The blossom will be fading fast and the bright tiny leaves will be  sun searching.

A morning walk with Thomas our dog and a view of our house through the still barren vines.


Just before leaving I decided to paint a sketch of the early spring flowers and blossom as a little reminder, not the best of all sketches but it has the feeling  of new hope for me.

Our place looking rather ramshackle after a long winter!!!


I painted directly into the sun which was not the best of ideas!


Off to board my plane now!!! See you in Antigua!!!


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