It started with a walk

Here I am.


I arrived on Tuesday not to be met by the hire car company who forgot about me! Several hours later and a bumpy taxi arrived I arrived at our friends Sarah and Jawa’s house. From the South of France, mimosa and almond blossom, I have been transported to a tropical paradise. Sarah gave me a delicious dinner of freshly caught Mahi-Mahi and off I went to bed. I have joined Sarah for two mornings now on  this beautiful beach, Pigeon beach, Falmnouth harbour. Ten lengths and a lovely swim in a gently caressing  and deliciously warm sea.



Just around 7.30 am and no one on the beach yet.


A square rigger whose name I can’t remember leaving the harbour. Montserrat  puffing gently across the water. Balmy weather, lucky person.


I met my friend and chef extra-ordinaire at Temo sports for a chat and a passion fruit smoothie and as we were talking this little bird joined in our conversation. In the car park I was telling Lucy all the places I was thinking of going to in order to put a plan together for my painting week and Lucy said “Why don’t I come with you” well what a good idea. Off we went in my rather suspect hire car, dodging the pot holes and other cars and buses on the road. We went through the rainforest and down to some sunlit beaches with such a blue sea ooh la la!


My little practise run, the photo was taken in the studio I am staying in in very dark light and has my shadow over it so the colour is not so true. The paint dries the moment it is on the paper and I need to practise painting Carribbean style! What fun and a demain.

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